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General Notes

Get free Demo Token

Click button to generate a free demo token


The MapTrip Server-API is a powerful yet easy to use tool set for route planning. It is designed to closely interact with the MapTrip Truck Navigation app.


  • This Tutorial describes the functionality of the MapTrip Server API with examples of how to use them
  • The Web Interface describes all endpoints with parameters and provides interactive examples
  • The Release History shows all releases of the API with changes made in that releases


Almost all endpoints require authentication via JSON Web Tokens (JWT), see authentication.

Demo Usage

You can test most of the functionality (geocoding, route calculation, route matrix calculation, optimization, MapTrip Detour and MapTrip FollowMe) for free and without registration with a demo token.

This token is valid for 24h and the number of requests is limited:

Endpoints #Requests
/geocoder 100
/route 100
/matrix 10
/optimize 10
/mapdata 100

If you need more time for your tests, you can generate more demo tokens.

For all endpoints related to MapTrip (MapTrip Remote, testing FollowMe tours with MapTrip and and using Detour files in MapTrip) you will need a MapTrip account.

  • go to
  • choose the app most suited for your use case (MapTrip, MapTrip Truck, MapTrip FollowMe, MapTrip 112)
  • create an account
  • download the MapTrip APK and install it on your Android device
  • use the E-Mail address and password of your account to authenticate (see authentication)

Regular Usage

If you generate a token with an API key or user from your company (see authentication), these limits apply to daily access to the server API:

Endpoints #Requests
/geocoder 1000000
/route 1000000
/matrix 500
/optimize 500
/mapdata 10000
/detour 1000000
/followme 1000000
/remote 1000000

If these limits are not sufficient for your use case, please contact our sales team.

To keep track of your current usage, you can use the endpoint /usage.