Release History

Version Date Changes
2.15.0 24.06.2024
  • New [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction/edit to edit validity and description of a turn restriction (see tutorial)
  • The endpoint [GET] /usage now returns both daily and monthly usage data
  • Fixed: [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/road/match now ensures that the coordinates can be matched to different road segments, and otherwise returns 400 Bad Request
  • Fixed: Endpoint [GET] /remote/route/{device}/ now returns length of route and length with toll
2.14.0 24.05.2024
  • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/speed to override the driving speed of a segment replaces the deprecated endpoints [GET] /detour/attribute/prioritize and [GET] /detour/attribute/penalize
  • Driving directions of routes now have a text (see tutorial for an example and how to change the language)
  • Endpoint [GET] /route: Attribute drivingTime adjusted so that time for turning maneuvers is included
  • Fixed a caching issue for [PUT] /remote/name/{device} and [PUT] /remote/notes/{device}
  • Detour endpoints to create or update segments or roads returned wrong status code if an attribute had no name or no value
2.13.0 18.04.2024
  • Routes now have additional directions "continue on ..." for name changes
  • Routes now have names
  • New parameter useTurnRestrictions for endpoints [GET] /route and [GET] /route/reference
  • New parameter defaultRouting for endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/validity
  • New endpoint [GET] /mapdata/prohibitedfortrucks/geojson/ to query roads prohibited for trucks (see tutorial)
  • Additional properties for endpoint [GET] /mapdata/vehicleattributes/geojson/{from}/{to} (see tutorial)
2.12.1 10.04.2024
  • Remote endpoints now accept long device IDs used by Apple devices
  • Fixed: Endpoint [GET] /route returned an error if parameter waypoints was present but empty
2.12.0 07.03.2024
  • Each error that occurs in the API now has a unique code to simplify error handling, see tutorial
  • New endpoint [GET] /usage to query your usage of the MapTrip Server API
  • New endpoint [PUT] /detour/file/{fileid}/road/{roadid} to update roads created with Detour
  • Both [GET] /detour/attribute/prioritize and [GET] /detour/attribute/penalize now have an optional parameter direction
  • Both GET /remote/status/{deviceid} and GET /remote/status/all now return additional information when MapTrip is on a tour
  • Fixed GET /remote/status/{deviceid} and GET /remote/status/all for devices missing version, application or platform information
  • All remote endpoints can now access all MapTrip devices of your company
  • The Endpoints [GET] /route and [GET] /route/reference now return 400 Bad Request when avoid highways is set and the route exceeds 100 km (beeline distance)
  • The Endpoints [POST] /matrix/async and and [POST] /matrix/sync now return 400 Bad Request when avoid highways is set and the matrix diameter exceeds 100 km
  • Fixed status codes for detour endpoints with a token not configured for detour
  • Updated documentation on adding and dividing roads in tutorial
  • Updated documentation on traffic flows and statistical traffic information in tutorial
2.11.2 18.12.2023
  • Fixed a bug in [GET] /remote/route/{device}
2.11.1 08.11.2023
  • Device status was occasionally set incorrectly for [GET] /remote/status/{device} and [GET] /remote/status/all
  • Fixed truck attributes for roads uploaded with [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segments
  • Endpoints [PUT] /detour/file/{fileid}/segment/{segmentid} and [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segments no longer accept invalid truck attributes
  • Updated response for 429 Too Many Requests
  • Added HTTP header x-iw-regionsize to endpoints [POST] /matrix/async and [POST] /matrix/sync (see tutorial)
2.11.0 10.10.2023
  • New endpoint [GET] /remote/status/all to query the status of all your MapTrip devices at once
  • [POST] /remote/route/itinerary/{device}: Both the itinerary and the addresses can now have an ID and a name
  • [GET] /remote/status/{device} and [GET] /remote/status/all now return the driving direction in degrees (if known, default is 0)
  • Endpoint [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segment/match replaces the deprecated endpoint [POST] /detour/match
  • Fixed endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/deleteroad
  • Fixed OpenLR codes for [GET] /detour/turnrestrictions/{from}/{to}
  • Improved examples in the specification
2.10.1 24.07.2023
  • Fixed some status codes for these endpoints:
    • [POST] /authenticate
    • [GET] /route
    • [GET] /route/reference
    • [GET] /followme/folder/{folder}/file/{file}/csv
    • [GET] /followme/folder/{folder}/file/{file}/csv/{date}
    • [GET] /followme/folder/{folder}/file/{file}/ride/{ride}/status
2.10.0 29.06.2023
  • Endpoints related to map data, see tutorial
    • New endpoint [GET]/mapdata/roadsegments/geojson/{coordinate} to query name, type and speed of a road segment
    • Endpoint [GET] /mapdata/turnrestrictions/geojson/{from}/{to} replaces the deprecated endpoint [GET] /detour/turnrestrictions/geojson/{from}/{to}
    • Endpoint [GET] /mapdata/vehicleattributes/geojson/{from}/{to} to query vehicle attributes like height or weight limits
  • Detour endpoints:
    • New endpoint [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segment/divide to divide a road segment
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/removedvehicleattributes to remove existing vehicle attributes from the map data, see tutorial
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/file/{fileid}/connectivity to check if you need to update a Detour file due to map data updates
    • Endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/vehicle/tunnelrestrictioncode replaces the deprecated endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/vehicle/tunnelRestrictionCode
  • MapTrip Remote endpoints: (see tutorial)
    • New endpoint [PUT] /remote/name/{device} to rename a device
    • New endpoint [PUT] /remote/notes/{device} to add notes to a device
2.9.4 06.06.2023
  • Fixed reading of Detour files with ignored vehicle attributes
  • Slightly increased radius for endpoint [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/road/match
2.9.3 11.05.2023
  • Fix: FollowMe endpoints did not work for files and folders with numerical names
2.9.2 20.04.2023
  • Fix for endpoint [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segments
2.9.1 22.03.2023
  • Fix for [GET] /detour/file/{fileid}/road/all
2.9.0 14.03.2023
  • Batch insert and delete to detour files, see tutorial:
    • Endpoint [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segments to batch insert Detour segments
    • Endpoint [DELETE] /detour/file/{fileid}/segments to remove all segments from a Detour file
  • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/deleteroad to query attributes which remove a road from the map data
  • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/validity to define whether segment attributes should be considered for emergency routes or not (see tutorial)
  • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/description to add descriptions to segments which are shown in the Detour Editor
  • New endpoints for turn restrictions:
    • [GET] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction/all to query all added or removed turn restrictions from a file (see tutorial)
    • [GET] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction/{turnrestrictionid} to query one added or removed turn restriction from a file
    • [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction/remove to delete added or removed turn restrictions from a file (see tutorial)
  • All geocoder endpoints now add administrative areas to addresses if available see tutorial
  • Adding and updating Detour segments, turn restrictions and roads adds created, modified and modified by attributes which are shown in the Detour Editor
  • Fixed route optimization with time slots
2.8.0 23.01.2023
  • Switched to an OpenAPI 3.0 specification (YAML and JSON)
  • Endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/unblock is deprecated and replaced by [GET] /detour/attribute/open
  • Endpoints [GET] /detour/attribute/prioritize and [GET] /detour/attribute/penalize now can be parameterized
  • Endpoints for Turn Restrictions, see tutorial:
    • [GET] /detour/turnrestrictions/{from}/{to} to query turn restrictions from the map data
    • [GET] /detour/turnrestrictions/geojson/{from}/{to} to query turn restrictions from the map data
    • [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction/remove to remove turn restrictions from the map data
    • [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/turnrestriction to add new turn restrictions
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug in [GET] /route
    • Fixed [GET] /route without startTime (time-independent route)
    • Fixed vehicle attributes for [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/road
2.7.2 12.12.2022
  • The endpoints [GET] /detour/devices and [GET] /detour/devices/detailed now also return devices from device groups
  • The endpoints [GET] /followme/devices and [GET] /followme/devices/detailed now also return devices from device groups
  • The endpoints [GET] /remote/devices and [GET] /remote/devices/detailed now also return devices from device groups
  • For optimizations with invalid coordinates, [GET] /optimize/stops/{id} now returns 400 Bad Request instead of 500 Internal Server Error
  • For attributes with invalid values, [POST] /detour/file/{fileid}/segment now returns 400 Bad Request instead of 500 Internal Server Error
2.7.1 22.11.2022
  • Endpoint [GET] /route/reference: Added more coordinates to CSV (when called without distance) to speed up calculation in MapTrip
  • Fixed some response codes in the documentation
2.7.0 31.10.2022 Added emergency routing, see tutorial
2.6.0 04.10.2022 Endpoints to create new roads with MapTrip Detour, see tutorial
2.5.0 13.09.2022
  • Detour vehicle attributes:
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/vehicle/axles
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/vehicle/tunnelRestrictionCode
  • Detour time domains
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/timedomain/start
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/timedomain/end
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/timedomain/daily
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/timedomain/weekly
    • New endpoint [GET] /detour/attribute/timedomain/monthly
2.4.0 23.06.2022
  • The endpoint [POST] /remote/route/reference has a new parameter doGuideThroughStartingPoint
  • RouteSummary now has attribute delay, which indicates the delay on the route under current traffic situation in seconds
  • The endpoints [GET] /route and [GET] /route/reference now have parameters to take low emission zones into account
2.3.0 08.06.2022 New endpoint [POST] /authenticate/apikey to obtain a JWT as an alternative to [POST] /authenticate, see obtaining a JWT token with an API key
2.2.0 27.05.2022 Endpoint [GET] /route now returns obstacles on the route in the route summary
2.1.1 19.04.2022 Endpoint [GET] /route/reference now has a parameter distance that specifies the distance between the coordinates; if no distance is specified, one coordinate per segment is chosen
2.1.0 10.03.2022 Added endpoints to use Detour API with MapTrip
2.0.2 03.03.2022
  • The duration for how long the token is valid can be specified in [POST] /authenticate (up to 30 days)
  • Fix: /geocoder/structured did not return multiple results
  • Fix: Segments with /detour/attribute/block are used by MapTrip now
2.0.1 17.02.2022
  • Added optional message to [POST] /remote/route/reference/{device}
  • Itineraries can now contain (named) addresses in [POST] /remote/route/itinerary/{device}
2.0.0 09.02.2022 Added MapTrip Remote API
1.6.0 20.01.2022 Added Matrix API
1.5.2 20.12.2021 Optimization: Fixed a problem with leading and trailing blanks in names
1.5.1 10.12.2021
  • Result of [GET] /optimize/stops/{id} changed due to a bug in openapi-generator with HTTP Status 204
  • Optimization: Stops with invalid names are no longer ignored but product HTTP Status 400
1.5.0 13.10.2021 Added MapTrip FollowMe API
1.4.1 22.09.2021 Fixed model documentation for Direction and TimeSlot
1.4.0 15.09.2021 Added Optimization API
1.3.1 20.08.2021 Improved Detour API: Prioritize and penalize can be used without speed parameter
1.3.0 18.08.2021 Added prioritize and penalize Detour API
1.2.1 13.08.2021 Improved route directions
1.2.0 11.08.2021 Added vehicle attributes to Detour API
1.1.0 28.07.2021 Added to Detour API
1.0.0 16.07.2021 Added Geocoding and Routing API

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